Monday, January 01, 2007

What a great way to start the year: 3 pounds lighter!

Obviously, weight loss is one of my goals for 2007. Notice, I didn't say "resolutions." I don't make resolutions. Everyone breaks those. I do, though, make goals that I strive to keep and that's one of them this year.

I've been toying with the idea of joining Weight Watchers, but have a problem with that. First, it can be expensive. It looks like $40 a month, which I guess isn't *that* bad, but still.... And I'm not the one to usually spend money on myself like that.

Then there's the whole "getting to the meetings" part. I guess that wouldn't be so bad. I know if I'm spending $40 a month, I'll make sure I get there. Part of being frugal, you know. (No one likes to be cheap!)

I know darn well that I need motivation. Hubby says he'll walk with me, but I'm not sure that will happen and (knowing me like I do!) him NOT saying "let's go" will be the excuse I need to blow it off.

Other health goals I have this year include to exercise daily, to drink my 64 oz of water each day, complete six volksmarches in the year, and walk the "circuit" -- a 4 mile circle near our home -- at least once a week. Now, I know that I won't get to that last one right away. I need to be in better shape first!!!

Wish me luck!
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