Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finished these socks for the kid. I'm not sure I like them. They were knitted on straight needles (not circulars) and then sewn up the top. Plus, I need to get another pompom maker, I think. I couldn't remember how full the first one was and I think the second isn't *as* full a pompom. The kid is visiting her grandparents, so these will be ready for her when she comes home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I entered a writing contest.

Well, not really. I entered a contest and I had to do some writing as a part of it. Not exactly the same, but what the heck.

The Black Hills Regional Eye Institute sponsored a contest for military family members (known as "dependents", though I really hate that!) to win a free iLasik surgery. It had something to do with NASA approving the surgery for astronauts. Anyway, people had to write an essay (250 words or less, thank you very much!) about why they were the best candidate.

I did and I guess I am! I won the surgery! I will be getting my eyes "fixed" on August 19 (the day after my birthday, how cool is that?) at 5:45 p.m. and people can watch. OK, so that part is a little odd, but I'll live with it! Honestly, I'm so excited! I found out Friday and couldn't say anything until today, so it's been a long couple of days...

So I guess, I entered a writing contest -- and won!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Before I begin, I will admit I'm a bit of a dork and it doesn't take much to get me all excited.

Anyway, I was in my daughter's room talking with her last night as she was waiting for her boyfriend to call. (Ah, to be 15 again!) The phone rings and she gets a confused look on her face. "Private number," she says. So she answers in a mildly professional, somewhat annoyed "I-hope-you-aren't-a-telemarketer" voice. Says, "No, she's right here, may I ask who's calling?" and hands me the phone mouthing "Chris someone from (Eastern) Star."

In the split second it takes for me to say hello, I've run through every "Chris Someone" I can think of. We have none in our chapter.

It was our Worthy Grand Matron! NEVER expected a call from her!!!! But she asked me to be an emblem bearer at Grand Chapter in October. Of course I said yes! Now, I've only been to one Grand Chapter and I was a little bummed that now I was in the line I wasn't asked to be a page (or a page to the page, even!), so I must have been walking on clouds last night when I was asked to do this!!

The dresses are only $40 and we get to wear shoes the color of our star point. I will be wearing green ones, so now I need to find pretty green shoes. Good thing the kid is going to visit Grandparents next week. I'll have better luck finding something in the big city...