Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm sitting in a coffee shop, not drinking coffee.

I'm supposed to be working on Ghost Mountain, but I'm a little stuck. How do you get an FBI agent to believe in ghosts? Should my main character's leg be broken after a car crash? Why? Why not?

To make it worse, I know I have revisions at home that I could be doing, but I didn't bring those. And then, I actually wanted to have all 80,000 words for this story done by June 1. Since I'm only at 20,000 (well, 20,374) I don't see that happening. So now I'm upset with myself for my lack of self-discipline.

Found out that the kid was accepted for the open enrollment. She will be attending a public high school about 15 miles from our home (just in the other school district) starting this fall. Now if only I can get the school people to decide what they need to enroll her since they keep changing their minds.

OK, the guilt is getting to me. I'm going back to the novel...
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