Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yesterday was not good.

Shortly after my post yesterday, I heard on the radio that all of our schools were in "lock down" and that a gunman was reported at one of the high schools. I almost started to cry because Thursday the school board will vote on the open enrollment form to allow my daughter to attend one of those schools. My second thought was "what have I done?" My first thought was "God protect those kids."

The tragedy at VA Tech (close to where my kiddo was born, actually) breaks me up. We started homeschooling right after Columbine. And now this. Right when I was starting to be OK with the decision to send her to public school. Talk about questioning your own judgment. (Add to the fact I'm a HUGE pessimist -- quiet, Sis! -- and I was going bonkers yesterday.)

Turns out the entire thing here was a joke. A 15-year-old girl made up the whole thing. She even gave a description of a Native American man walking the halls with a handgun. Not only did she scare the hebe-jebes out of every parent in this half of the state, she did wonders for racism. I hope it was worth it. I also hope they release her name and try her as an adult and force her to repay the cost of having the SWAT team search the school. Frankly, I hope they throw the book at her. Not just because she made me worry (although, I'm human enough to admit that's a part of it!), but because she deserves it for her little stunt.
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