Saturday, October 12, 2013

In my spare time....

I don't have a lot of "spare time."  Or maybe I do and I just fill it so full that I don't think I do.

I work a part time job out of the house.  It's only a few hours a day.  It's just that those particular hours aren't the nicest for having to work.  I'm there by 5 a.m. and done around 7:30 most days.  That leaves the rest of the day.

I have what amounts to two full-time jobs at home.  I'm a web designer and an author.  Both can take up 40 hours a week.  Well, the writing takes more time, but the web designer pays (slightly) better.  Either way, they keep me busy.

But I have hobbies.  I raise bees.  I knit.  I spin.  I sew.  I embroider.  I read.  I bake.

I am an active member of organizations.  That takes time for meetings and time for other duties that I end up volunteering for.

I don't seem to have time for exercise.  Mostly because I don't like it.  I used to walk three miles everyday, but that seems harder to fit in with this part-time job.  I want to.  I just don't make that time.  Even though I know I should.

So that's how I spend my spare time.  You?

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