Thursday, October 03, 2013

Short post today....

Blogging day 3 and it's still hard.

Only this time it's hard because of the day I've had.

Worked this morning, and then friends who'd been visiting were heading back home so we had a "send off breakfast."  Then I came home and did some various housework and web design work.

That's when I heard the snarling and yelp coming from the two "big boys" (a 9 year old yellow lab and a 10 month old rottweiler).  That required a trip to the vet for the rottie.

Then a meeting tonight that went long.

All the while keeping an eye on the weather, which is supposed to get yucky.  Let's hope it either doesn't get as bad as they predict or it doesn't hit until after I get home from work and picking up the puppy at the vet.

Yeah...  one of those days...

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