Monday, March 05, 2007

I have a news flash for anyone who knows me. I HATE BEING SICK!

OK, so that's not news and actually people who know me are shocked that it took me this long to admit it in public, but I really do hate being sick. After getting over the influenza A bout of two weeks ago, I now seem to have some kind of sinus infection that's now seeping out my eye. Yum. Good thing I'm married and loved because I sure don't thing anyone who DIDN'T love me could be putting up with me right now!

Maybe if I was sick more often, I'd be a better patient. Instead, I don't get viruses or bugs (kidney stones, yeah. acid reflux, unfortunately) very often. Maybe I just expect to be well too quickly. Or maybe if the lovely docs had seen fit to give me something for this sinus problem right away, my eyes wouldn't look like they belong on the bad guy of some "B" horror movie.

But no. I have to sit here, in a self-imposed quarantine, trying not to scratch my eyes out while simultaneously reminding my family to wash their hands and then use the hand sanitizer and then wash again.

OK, enough of my pity party. Pass me the chocolate....
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