Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I finished Nat's socks today. They're really the zodiac socks, but with a band around the top instead of the zodiac design. The things I'll do for my daughter's friends! *smile*

Other good news today is that I'm down another 4.4 pounds. Now, that's for two weeks, but with Influenza A last week, I didn't feel much like going out. Plus, I'm sure that everyone at the meeting place appreciated my not being there.

The kid, though, is still sick. She ended up with a strong (evil?) case of strep throat and now has an ear and sinus infection. I feel for her. Her poor nose looks like it belongs on Rudolph the Reindeer, not a teenage girl! But this second course of medication seems to be working, so that's a plus anyway. She has even picked out "real" clothes to wear tomorrow, and isn't planning to stay in her pjs! Now that's progress!
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