Sunday, March 11, 2007

The weather is beautiful here today. The kid and her best friend (a pair normally referred to as "ying and yang") were going to sleep outside on the trampoline last night, but it wasn't QUITE that warm. Tomorrow looks to be very nice, too, and husband and I are talking about going into the Hills on the motorcycle. I want to do some geocaches up there and he just wants to get the Harley out. *smile*

Have a kid issue going on in my life right now. The kid is a member of a group and one other kid in particular is really picking on her. Now the group's state meeting/competition/conference is coming up and my kiddo doesn't want to go. Normally not a problem but first, she took a state office and second, I think it would let the other kid "win." (Yes, I'm competitive!) I don't want my kiddo to think that difficult people can dictate what you can and can't do. And I want her to fulfill that obligation as a state officer (musician, in this case). I know she's practiced hard and I want that moment of pride to hear her play.

Pride... I wonder how much of this issue is my pride in what I want her to do.

Man, being a parent is one tough job!
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