Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Have I ever mentioned here that I really don't like Microsoft? OK, so now a whole bunch of people will probably shun me and I'll be taken off Bill Gates Christmas card list for sure, but it's true.

I'm a Mac girl. I think I'll probably always be a Mac girl, much to the dismay of my father. (Who isn't allowed to touch my Mac, but that's another post!)

I'm a Mac girl, but I'm a mystery buff. I really like the Nancy Drew computer games. I also have an AWESOME embroidery machine that I just love. Unfortunately, both of those hobbies are Windows based. (Yes, my embroidery machine runs off a computer. It's a Singer Quantum Futura for those who are interested. AWESOME machine, but I think I mentioned that already.)

So my loving and adoring husband got me a laptop — an HP Pavilion. Unfortunately, it has Vista and I needed XP, so I've "adjusted" it. And there's no recovery disk.... grrrrrrr

After spending two days trying to fix the problem myself, I finally called HP. An hour later I have a set of recovery disks on the way and for a LOT LESS than I was afraid I'd have to spend.

So, while I'm not real happy with my laptop right now, I am very pleased with HP. Let's just hope I can fix what I did!
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