Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One of the best things about homeschooling is getting to learn with your kids. A close second is seeing what they do with that information.

So the older daughter was getting a little frustrated with the younger one. (They are six years apart in age, so it's understandable.) But HOW does the older one deal with her sister? Simple. She has the young one put in the stocks.

The younger one is then placed on the stage with her "crime" for all the world to see -- being a "twit." (To those who know her in person, no, it didn't go over well at first!) The converstaion then went something like this:

Jailer: "You have been accused of a crime."

Jailer's Assistant: "A most obvious crime."

Jailer: "Yes. The obvious crime is you being a twit. Do you pled guilty or innocnet."

Silly daughter pled guilty.

Jailer: "Now, repeat after me: I am dumber than Jessica Simpson."

Daughter: "You're dumber than Jessica Simpson."

Assistant shakes head.

Jailer: "You aren't playing fair. Now I said repeat after me. Say I am dumber than Jessica Simpson."

Daughter (who is nothing if not consistant!): "You are dumber than Jessica Simpson."

Finally, the jailer decides to threaten the kid with water all over the pretty hair-do I wrote about earlier. It didn't stop her. She kept saying the jailer was dumber than Jessica Simpson, even after a mug of H2O down her back. (At least he did spare the hair!) Since not even the water would cause the kid to change her stance, he decided to go for another tactic.

Jailer: "This girl needs a boost of confidence."

Assistant nods.

Jailer: "What we need is 100 strapping young men to come up here and give her a kiss and she will be set free." Daughter blushes -- a lot!

Jailer: "How about 50? 10?"

At this point two little boys from the front row jump up to volunteer! It was very funny, but it did get my daughter out of the stocks!
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