Saturday, September 02, 2006

Learned something about my daughter this week — she likes caves. I mean, she *really* likes them!

We went to Jewel Cave ( this week to visit some other homeschoolers and — thanks to road construction — arrived a lovely seven minutes late for the scenic tour. Now, please understand, this kid was whinning all week about going in a cave. So, we show up late for the 70 minute scenic tour of our Nation's second largest cave and I decide that instead of standing around looking dumb for 70 minutes, we could take the 20 minute discovery talk. Not as much fun, I'm sure, but she wouldn't be looking too terribly bored for the whole time. (And, honestly, I thought even if she did look bored, it would be dark in the cave and I wouldn't have to see it!)

So we go and she really had a good time. Asked some intelligent questions. Really paid attention to the guide. I was impressed!

When the tour was over, she kept talking about how cool it was. Outside the cave, we found this box that showed the smallest area a person squeezes through on the Spelunking tour and the kiddo asks if she can do that when she turns 16 (the park's minimum age for that one).

After lunch with the family we were supposed to meet, the kiddo asks "can we go back and do the scenic tour?"

"Gee, I thought caves were dumb," says I.

"I was just being a butt. I really wanna go back."

GRRRRR!!! Teenagers!!!!
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