Thursday, September 07, 2006

Didn't do much knitting this week, but I did do some fashion design!
My daughter found a pattern at the fabric store that had "perfect sleeves" - unfortunately, it didn't have a perfect anything else! So, being the sewing hobbiest that I am, I created the shirt. I'm not real happy with the length of this one, but she likes it. And, as long as she wears a tank top under it (which she will have to because the fabric is a little sheer!), I think it will be OK.
The originial pattern had more ruffles and ties - kind of a princess bodice thing. It shocked me that she would pick this pattern, because she's not a "princess bodice" girl. But she loves the sleeves and that's why she wanted it.
Since I just prices plain long-sleeve tees at American Eagle this week, I know that making this shirt was a little cheeper. Especially if I can make her a second one with the same pattern!!!
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