Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm STILL working on that hoodie for me. Cold weather hasn't hit the upper Midwest yet, so I have a little time still.

I did make my daughter a pair of flannel PJ pants the other day. It was a very easy pattern, so I actually whipped up 2 pairs in about an hour. One has a cute frog and dragonfly pattern. The other has a Bugs Bunny pattern -- actually that pair is a T-shirt weight, but still very cute.

Also went geocaching this weekend. Well, not really.... Went to a writer's conference in Deadwood, South Dakota, and knew of a virtual cache right there. Great excuse to see the final resting place of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane!

As for the writer's conference -- officially known as the "South Dakota Festival of the Book" -- it was wonderful! I heard some great speakers and have been playing around with a mystery. One of the best things I learned was that I was looking at the murder-mystery all wrong. I sort of know the amateur detective character, and I know some things about the victim, BUT I KNOW NOTHING about the murderer! So now I've decided that if I learn about my murderer, the motive will come. May not work, but right now I have a dead body, no suspects and no motive, so I'll give this a shot! (Hey, anyone with ideas about WHY someone would be pushed off a building, let me know!)

Well, off to homeschool the little one!
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