Monday, September 12, 2005

Do you know what to do with that left-over yarn? I didn't. Until I got the "Stitch N Bitch Nation" book. There was the answer to my problem! Page 226 has .... CAT TOYS!!! We have 3 cats, so I knitted a couple of mice with yarn left over from various projects. Little Jo, the grey tabby, just loves her red mouse. Made with some left over Lambs Pride 100% wool yarn, it collects "dust bunnies" like nobody's business, but what the heck.... the cats are happy!

The other picture here is of Little Jo actually playing with the mouse. She will carry it all over the house. If you throw it, she will play fetch. Odd cat! (What do you expect from a cat named after a Bonanza character AND a Little Women character?)

The mice don't take much yarn at all. I think the next one I do will have some catnip inside it... that should make them even more fun!
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