Saturday, October 13, 2007

Completed two swaps at This one was called "Craft My Theme Round 2." Each participant listed five themes and then our info was sent on to someone else. The name I got had listed purses as one of her themes.

This little handbag is SO SOFT. I crocheted it with two strands of yarn, one "big chunky" and the other a fun fur.

These are magnets made out of polymer clay. The pink rectangle is supposed to be an evening bag and is my least favorite of the three.

This is my "large project" and is a purse, checkbook cover, and credit card holder. As you can tell, they're all embroidered with a "Parisian woman" theme and sewn from the same fabric. I liked this one so much I'm going to do the same thing for my s-d as a Christmas gift.

OK, so this one is just a little goofy. I was looking up purse crafts online and found the bra purse. I thought "why not?" I also did a cigar box purse, but forgot to take pictures of that one. I threw some tea light candles in the box, too.
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