Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guess who came home??? OUR CAT!

Wanna hear the whole story?

Last night, the kid came to tell me that she heard a meowing under the house. I woke hubby and told him that we'd heard a cat. The brave man that he is went down to the crawl space, but found nothing.

This morning, I could still hear the cat. DANG IT! So I asked hubby about putting the infamous Have-A-Heart trap back down in the crawl space. After only mild hesitation, he agreed.

This afternoon, the kid had made plans to go ice skating. No more than 10 minutes after leaving the house, hubby calls to tell me that Little Jo had returned. She must have jumped on top of the trap, and then into the room. She was meowing to be let out of the room (we had left the trapdoor open a few inches so we could see if the Have-A-Heart caught anything), which we'd closed off so as not to lose any MORE cats.

She just came prancing around like nothing had happened. This was truly a miracle.

Honestly, I thought we'd never see her again. Hubby is so happy he almost started crying. (Not an easy thing to admit for such a macho-guy, but it shows how much this really bothered him.)

I'm happy for him, too!
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