Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from Pierre, where my daughter competed in a few state-wide competitions in Job's Daughters. She earned two first places (one for memorization and one for a painting she did) and two third places for her team events. I'm proud of her. She did well. Plus she played her clarinet during the meetings, and I know she was worried about that.

I was selected to be a state officer for the group, too. To me, that is an amazing honor and I'm very excited to do it.

Then I found five more geocaches on the drive home.

We leave again in a few days for Yellowstone. I'm looking forward to going camping. We may stop at Little Big Horn for a night on the way back and that should be interesting, too.

Nothing new on my story. I'm a little upset with myself for not working on it more diligently, but I guess I have to be HOME to do that, right?
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