Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, my little sister did it. She tied the knot. (Or walked the plank, as you can see from her wedding picture!)

I'm a little bummed that they got married on "short notice" since it didn't work out for me to be there, but I totally understand why she did it.

The best part of the whole deal, in my opinion (and since this is my blog, that's what matters, right?) is that it was a surprise to many of the people who DID make their Halloween party. Obviously, my parents (oh, I suppose those would be my sister's parents as well!) and I guess his parents were in on the plan and they even found a judge who asked if any "scallywags or wenches" wanted to object! I got to hear most of the ceremony via cell phone, so that was kinda cool, too.

Again, I wish I coulda been there, but it wasn't in the cards (get it? I was a gypsy!). I do wish my sister and her new husband all the best, though!
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