Thursday, June 29, 2006

NOTE: I'm gonna rant!
Ok, so why would you have an animal, let it roam the neighborhood and NOT get it spayed or neutered? Are people just that stupid that they don't know that animals WILL reproduce? DUH! They teach sex education in schools, right? You can't apply that to cats?

For those who haven't guessed, my neighbors don't "fix" their cats. They let them roam around -- which is great for catching mice, but not so great for little girls catching cats. We know have a litter if kittens in my yard. The sad thing is they will grow up and be "un-fixed" cats, so the cycle will continue. We go through this every summer. So far my daughter has caught 2 (including this little runt!) and we've taken them to the shelter. It's 90 degrees here this week and these little guys need to be given a fair chance, don't you think???

Do I wish I could keep them all? Yep. Do I regret taking them to the shelter? Nope. Better than letting them starve or have MORE kittens which will starve. Do I wish my daughter wouldn't get so attached to the cute little things? Yep. (For the record, I have 3 cats already!) Do I wish my neighbor would be a more responsible pet owner? Yep!!!!
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