Sunday, May 08, 2011

It's Mother's Day and I'm a mom.

That probably doesn't surprise anyone, but there you have it.

Not only am I mom, but I really like being one. It's pretty much my favorite job.

On the other hand, I must have been asked two dozen times what I wanted for Mother's Day and I, frankly, had no clue.

My family, though, knows me. Really, really, well.

My Mother's Day actually started last night. There's an ongoing joke in my house that it's Hubby's job to make the coffee each night before bed. The joke is that the Bible commands him to make the coffee with an entire book devoted to He-brews. (For the record, I never claimed it was a good joke.)

So, last night when Hubby made the coffee, he ground the beans of one of my favorite flavors: Highlander Grog. YUM!

Next came the big "Happy Mother's Day! I love you!" at 12:34 when the kid got home from her date. That was really nice.

This morning I was treated to a breakfast of coffee and chocolate cake (made by the kid). Then the two of us watched "Lovely Bones." The kid had already seen it and had read the book. I hadn't done either before this morning. Sitting on the couch watching the movie reminded me of those long-ago Saturday mornings when the two of us would have chocolate milk and donuts for breakfast and be entertained by cartoons or a Disney marathon. I miss those days...

Now weekends are often filled with her work schedule and time with friends.

After the movie, (and before the kid left for work) I got my other gift. I've mentioned before that I recently got a spinning wheel. I've enjoyed my wheel and am getting lots better. The yarn I spin is getting more even and finer every week. I haven't been happy enough with the end product to actually KNIT anything out of the yarn I've spun, but it's getting there.

Anyway, the family clearly paid attention because I got a box with some beautiful fiber in it. The colors are amazing, don't you think? The picture really doesn't do them justice.

So now I'm sitting here, smelling the pot roast in the crock pot, waiting for both my girls to get here.

I am one lucky Momma...

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