Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Does anyone else see a problem with all the Lindsay Lohan buzz? Maybe it's because I have a teenage daughter, but I don't care if Lohan has to go to jail. She's been in trouble before and 90 days seems a minor sentence for repeated alcohol violations. I mean, really! This 90 days is because she broke her probation from a 2007 arrest and conviction.

And she's making the news. Give me a break.

Meanwhile, we have oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico and the Idiot in the White House has done nothing about it. Oh, wait. He blamed the last guy in office. Okay, so the actual leak may not be his fault, but the administration's lack of action is. Since this guy didn't receive his early eduction in the U.S. maybe he didn't learn about Harry S Truman and the plaque on that President's desk. It said "The Buck Stops Here." The guy in the Oval Office should learn from history.

But he probably won't.

At the very least, he should force someone to try this:

At least then it would look like he was pretending to care...

If you're tired of hearing about the oil spill, there's always the woman about to be stoned to death for adultery. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, an Iranian mother of two, has been in prison since 2006 for adultery. Yes, she confessed. And later recanted, saying she only confessed under torture. 99 lashes, to be exact.

Amnesty International is trying to get her released.

Stoned. To. Death.

And we're hearing about how Lindsay Lohan is crying because she broke her parole and has to go back to jail.

You have got to be joking....

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